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Restore your self-esteem when you receive hair replacement or hair enhancement services.

Are you suffering from hair loss and forced to wear wigs that don't represent your style?
Hair Replacement by Tracy Brown
For many hair loss sufferers, creating the appearance of a full head of hair is something they strongly desire. 
For most women, their hair is a definitive part of their style, personal expression, and personality. Hair loss in women can often bring on feelings of shame, sadness, and frustration. 
African American women are plagued by hair loss, for a number of reasons.
Permanent and temporary hair loss due to medical treatment can lower confidence and self esteem. 
Hair loss of any kind can be mentally and emotionally devastating. Non-Surgical hair replacement can help restore one’s confidence and self esteem. Our mission and goal is to help during a potentially trying time.

Because of the coarse texture of African hair, many black women feel compelled to alter it, just for a hair style and sometimes just as a method of controlling it. In doing so, we often employ a few different types of harsh styling methods, which often lead to some sort of hair loss.

If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme hair loss, thinning, receding hairlines, etc., non-surgical hair replacement may be for you.

custom made unit by Tracy Brown
Hair Systems
Custom Made “New Hair” Hair Systems.
When it comes to Custom Hair.  I have lots of options to choose from. You get to decide the exact type of 100% human hair, the length, curl or wave, color, types of individualized materials that make up the cap.

morgan-wig custom madeWeather the cause is hereditary, medical or alopecia, Another Look Custom Hair Units 1/2 wigs, frontals, closures and toppers, your options are almost limitless.   
Learn more about our natural looking non-surgical hair replacement systems. 
We can offer you a whole new look.

Top-Head Enhancements
If your hair is getting thinner or you just want more hair to enhance your natural hair, a top head piece may be right for you.  Made of 100% hair, sewn strand by strand, into a lightweight yet sturdy base. This enhancement will give you the look you have always wanted.

 Even our maintenance options are affordable.

Appointments Take the first step to feeling like a new and empowered you!
Hair Lost Replacement Consultation, Are you suffering from hair lost and forced to wear wigs that don't represent your style? Let's change this ASAP, we will discuss cost effective methods that will finally reveal your inner diva. To find out more information or to set up a 
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Hair Replacement By Tracy Brown
non-surgical hair replacement by Tracy Brown