The Finest 100% Virgin Human Hair

Experience fuller, more beautiful hair with Hair Weaving.

Look and Feel gorgeous with hair weaving, whether you are dealing  with hair loss or you just want thicker, longer, and healthier hair.                        
Hair extensions, done by Tracy BrownAnother Look Virgin Hair is the best quality of  hair you can get in the world. Our  Hair is all natural virgin hair it contains no synthetic or plastic fibers. We carry Straight, Natural Wave, and Curly. All of these wave patterns are natural, they are not processed into the hair by chemicals, which gives your extensions a FREE FLOWING NATURAL LOOK.

Our hair comes in its natural color. This hair can be colored to your liking by a professional stylist. Please keep in mind this is human hair and must be maintained as so with good quality shampoo, conditioner and styling agents.
Lengths of 12 inches thru 24 inches are in stock and available. Our hair is of the Highest Quality and Simply Beautiful machine weft hair. When you wear our Virgin Hair you can be confident you are wearing the best.
Human virgin Hair Experience fuller, more beautiful hair with Hair Weaving.
  • NO harsh chemical processing
  • True original colors
  • Healthy shine
  • Free movement and natural bounce
  • Unidirectional cuticles deter tangling
  • Reinforced wefts
  • Lengths from 12 to 22 inches
  • Unlimited styling options
  • Uncompromised quality

Product Summary:
  • Machine sewn weft.  Triple stitched for strength and durability
  • 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair
  • Comes in natural dark tones 
  • Each pack has 100g of hair

Sew-In Weave Types
*Regular Sew-in weave 
(Require 2 pks hair whole head - med-fullness)

Note: longer hair lengths 18" & up may need additionalbundles because the longer the hair length, the less hair you get in each pack width wise (so be aware of this when wearing hair over 18"s long) 

TERMS used with a Regular Sew-in Weave:
1. Minimal leave out- this is full sewin weave, but with a little hair left out on the peremiter (around the hairline) this leave out allows for hairstyle versatility for high ponytails, buns etc.,
This type of sew in weave is perfect for clients who are relaxed ( blending the weave in with the natural hair is not an issue)

Those who are natural ( relaxer free hair) will have to be mindful of the hair textures (of the weave hair) that they choose because blending can be an issue with the humidity or weather conditions affecting the leave out hair.

2. Full head sewin- this is a full sewin weave with all the natural hair braided up (No leave out hair) a lace closure is used to give the hair a natural look, no need for blending the natural hair with the weave. 
This type of sewin weave is perfect for those who are natural (relaxer free hair), transitioning to natural hair (growing out the relaxer), Great for those who are looking for a protective style (no heat on the natural hair) or if you just don't want any of your own hair out.
Be mindful, that this type of sewin weave "can not" be worn in high ponytails, or high buns.

"Hair is not included with any of the sewin weaves"
For all potential customers looking to become a "New client", a consultation is required before appointment.
Email consultations: (free of charge) if more convenient for your consultations, ctracybrown916@gmail.com
email recent photos of your hair  only ! 
(No weave in your hair at all)  make sure the pictures are clear from front, top, back and side angles make sure the hairline is visible in the photos. 
If you have any scalp conditions such as alopecia (bald spots) or thin spots that may not be visible in the photos that you submit, state so in your email when submiting photos. 
I look at the photos to see hair length and condition of the hair and hairline, so please do not submit photos wearing extensions, please submit more than one photo. You must submit the photos from different angles. 
Once I review the photos, I'll reply back to you with the next step and open dates.